Introduction/Setting a Code of Conduct

Hello everyone. I’m Lilith’s Blackrose, a 47 year old, long-time divested rapidly approaching sovereign black woman who has been in an interracial marriage for almost 30 years with 2 adult children. I’m multi-denominational (meaning I believe in most religions, philosophies and old practices) and also have a multi-ethnic background. I am a supporter and an active participant of the advancement, divestment, investment and uplifting of black women and girls only, regardless of background (where and how you were raised/brought up), complexion, financial tier (poor, middle-class, rich/wealthy) situation, marital status or type of marriage/relationship, religious beliefs or sexuality (straight, lesbian and bisexual). In this blog we will discuss what we need to do by expanding any and all options necessary in life to permanently avoid the extremely and abnormally toxic dysfunction that engulfs the black collective through Shadow work. Love and light isn’t my cup of tea, sorry. Any ideas, topics, or suggestions (would like to hear some to help kick-start the blog, and all will be greatly appreciated) that is up for discussion will be done so in a respectful manner at all times. No mammying or caping of any kind is allowed, neither is trolling, tribal shaming for diverseness (attacking others that don’t agree with everything you said), bringing in others without vetting them, or discussing private event topics outside of this blog, unless I post it on another social media site.

I wanted to lay down a few rules first, due to the fact that we as alternative black women, that I noticed of late, seem to not have a code, be on code or don’t want one, but a list of rules of etiquette is definitely recommend, or should I say required. I was on YouTube earlier listening to a recording of one of my favorite content creators, and she mentioned how everyone has a code when it comes to a collective of people with the exception of black women, and how one is desperately needed. A sub responded with an excellent idea of getting together and forming a “code of conduct” for true divested and sovereign women, and I would love to start with the rules that I’ve listed above. We can’t say that we’re divested or divesting from toxicity while still practicing it. So some form of rules must be established to be a part of this community. I would love to hear what you think and if any more should be put out there. Please make comments respectful.

Please note that this blog is specifically for black women only. No men, handmaidens, mammies, mules, fence-riders, undercover agents, pick me’s, struggle lovers, trauma bonders or permanent victim mentally is allowed at any time.

I will be posting a blog at least once a week. Rather new at this and want to pace myself at the beginning.

Welcome and lets make some noise!!


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All about the leveling up of black women and girls only.

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